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• Any subsequent damage of any kind caused to the device after the repair.
• Any mishandling that affected the frame to bend, twist or crack.
• Damage resulting from misuse of any kind.
• Any kind of liquid damage.
• Any software related issues.
• Faults not relating to the original repair done (e.g if we replace the charging port the warranty would not cover a faulty power button, or if we replaced the screen the warranty will not cover the speakers)
• Loss data (please back up your device before getting it repaired)
• If another repair is done the device after our by someone other than Dalbani, then this will void the warranty. If the device was openand/or tampered with will also void the warranty.
• Any pre=condition issues from original repair.
• Phisycal damages (cracked screens)
• Any known manufacturing and/or performance issue related to the device separate from the repair, as noted prior to the repair.
• Jailbroken/Rooted devices.
• A non-working, damaged or severed home button /bio-metric scanner.
• Notification of a related issue to the repair must be done within 3 days of the original service.